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v3.6.4 Additional sources, bugfixes, and contributions

Just dropping an update regarding Clerkent since it's been slightly more than a year since the last one. There have been plenty of changes since v3.4.6 (nearly 200 additional commits), but the general shape of the extension hasn't changed much and the changes have been more incremental in nature so I didn't think to pen an update. Anyone more eager for Clerkent updates (if such persons do indeed exist) are welcome to follow the GitHub repository for the latest developments.

Additional sources

Many additional sources have been added, including the following:


I have also fixed various bugs, including most recently, a regression that caused the search box to fail to autofocus when the popup is opened.

Contributions and feedback

I was pleasantly surprised to receive several pieces of feedback from around the world regarding Clerkent, and even a pull request that improved the automatic ignoring of suffixes such as Ltd and Inc when searching for case names, from William O'Hanley (@wohanley).

Please do continue sharing your feedback, either via this form, or if you happen to have a GitHub account, by creating an issue on the repository.